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The College of Law (COL) consists of three departments; the Department of Private Law, the Department of Public Law, and the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies. The College currently offers a Bachelor in Law at an undergraduate level and three Master programs: LLM in Public Law; LLM in Private Law and LLM in International Trade Law.

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The College of Law works diligently to enhance its programs and extra-curricular activities to ensure students receive the highest standards of quality education.

Our innovative curricula are designed to meet the needs of today’s marketplace and to prepare students to pursue promising graduate studies.

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Prof. Emad Dahiyat

Chairman, Private Law Department - (COL)


Dr. Emad Dahiyat

Seeing the law as a platform to explore

Blending the time-honored principles of law with the advent of new technology is at the center of Prof Emad Dahiyat’s work. As Chairman of the Private Law Department at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), his research has delved into how the tenets of law are applied in the digital age, leading to him gaining recognition both within the UAE and on the global stage.

With a BA in Law from the University of Jordan, and both an LLM in Commercial Law and a PhD in Computer Law from the University of Aberdeen in the UK, Dr Dahiyat has developed a broad range of research interests that all have a legal focus – including commercial law, securities law, companies law, consumer protection law, and artificial intelligence and IT law – and, since 2014, he has been pursuing these at UAEU.

Dr Dahiyat arrived at the UAEU College of Law as an Associate Professor of Commercial Law, having previously been Dean of the Faculty of Law at Al al-Bayt University in Jordan. The caliber of his work has since seen him win the College of Law’s Summer Research Program Competition during the 2016 academic year, and receive an award from the College in 2017 after publishing peer-reviewed research on UAE Arbitration Law in a journal indexed by the renowned Scopus database.

In 2006, Prof Dahiyat claimed the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT (LSPI, Hamburg), while other high-ranked scientific publications to have featured his work include the Information & Communications Technology Law Journal (where he tackled the issue of ‘The legal recognition of online brokerage in the UAE: is a conceptual rethink imperative?’), Artificial Intelligence and Law, the Oxford-Elsevier Computer Law and Security Report, and the Oxford University Press-published International Journal of Law and Information Technology. His article on intelligent software agents and contracts was included in the Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal’s 39th Selected Bibliography as one of “the most important and timely articles on computers, technology and the law”.

According to Prof Dahiyat, the inspiration for his success in law and research stems from his father, the late Brigadier General Abdel Rahim Dahiyat, who “taught me the importance of integrity, honesty, courage, and dedication, and that nothing is impossible if one works hard enough”.

Away from his work at UAEU, he enjoys football, walking, spending time with his family, and – perhaps unsurprisingly for a man of law – reading the detective novels of Agatha Christie.

Dr. Abdulla Al-Khatib

Associate Professor of Civil Procedures, Private Law


Dr Abdulla Al-Khatib

Helping the legal experts of the future mark out their path

In his spare time, Dr Abdulla Al-Khatib likes to draw. When he is at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), his students prefer to draw on his experience and expertise.

As Associate Professor of Civil Procedures at the UAEU, Dr Al-Khatib is focused on cultivating the knowledge and nurturing the skills of young people who represent the nation’s next wave of legal professionals, combining his academic tutelage with coordinating their professional development by placing them with law firms in order to complete their training.

Meanwhile, he also applies his legal prowess – honed over many years of study and work in the sector – to his role of Director of the Legal Clinic at the UAEU, where he provides pro bono consultancy services and works with the university’s Human Resources department to steer the institution through legal issues that arise.

His life in law has come full circle, as it was at the UAEU where it all began. Graduating as a Bachelor of Law in 2000 after four years of study, he went on to undertake his Master of Laws (LLM) degree at Tulane University in New Orleans, subsequently also gaining a Ph.D. in Law from the Louisiana institution.

Dr Al-Khatib cut his teeth in the legal sector by training as a lawyer at a Dubai-based firm, where he wrote memos and pleas to courts and other institutions, liaised with clients, negotiated contracts, and conducted other pivotal official matters. But the pull of academia brought him back to the UAEU, where – after publishing many legal articles in high-ranking academic journals – he was promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor in 2016, his personal career highlight to date.

Since returning to the UAEU, he has been awarded the university’s Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016, and its Dean’s Award for Excellence in Community Service for the 2016/17 academic year. The latter accolade is presented to the faculty member who has made “the most outstanding contribution to the university and the community”, with Dr Al-Khatib being named as its most recent recipient due to his “remarkable contribution” to the UAEU’s College of Law, including serving on many high-level legal committees and providing invaluable advice in his areas of specialization.

Dr Al-Khatib takes inspiration for his dedication and work ethic from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Away from the UAEU, he enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, Mira, Reem, Abdulrahman, Juri and Jood, and practicing Arabic calligraphy, as well as his fondness for drawing.

Dr. Jinan Bastaki

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Law

Dr. Jinan Bastaki

Dr. Jinan Bastaki is a UAE national and a graduate of the London School of Economics (LLB ), the University of California at Berkeley (LLM), and SOAS (Ph.D).

Dr. Bastaki joined the Law Faculty as assistant professor of International Law in 2017. Her Ph.D thesis focused on refugees and their right of return. She has presented in many international conferences on the topic of refugees and refugee law and has been invited to take part in panel discussions on the rights of refugees in certain parts of the world.

Jinan has volunteered in refugee camps in Jordan and Greece. While her basic foundation is in International Law, her work is multidisciplinary. She is interested in people, particularly in how to increase the visibility of groups not generally recognized under existing legal or political categories. She seeks to challenge these traditional legal categories that have created an unjust ‘hierarchy of rights’. She has conducted interviews with diaspora communities and refugees and aims to publish her findings.

She adds that for her Ph.D thesis she, “interviewed displaced people who were not recognized legally as ‘refugees’, even though they had suffered the same displacement as refugees and were unable to return home. Their lack or recognition essentially ‘erased’ their narrative as displaced people.”

Her current work focuses on how to better international refugee law to cope with many current challenges: such as a large influx of refugees that is not adequately covered by the 1951 Refugee Convention. Her paper for an upcoming international conference in the US focuses on faith-based principles as a regional standard to encourage states to do more to support refugee communities.

In her free time she likes to relax in coffee shops wherever her travels happen to take her.

Student Testimonials

Mohamed Hasan Al Aydroos

"I spent a great time in the College of Law at UAEU, where I learned the basic principles of law and how to apply these principles in both the local and federal judiciary. The College of Law improved my skills and research abilities by encouraging me to participate in events and competitions whether at the university or on a regional level. I am grateful to my professors for their constant encouragement and support.”

Mohamed Hasan Al Aydroos,

Bachelor of Law

Mohammed Saleh Al Shezawi

"I have genuinely enjoyed my experience at the UAEU College of Law. I am most grateful for the chance to improve my skills, knowledge, confidence and motivation. I also developed an interest in causes of public interest. The College of Law attracted me because of its emphasis on practical experience. My undergraduate studies stressed the significance of practical experience. The College of Law encourages students to develop their skills through real life public work. Along with its supportive and collegial atmosphere, this is what drew me to the college.”

Mohammed Saleh Al Shezawi,

Bachelor of Law

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