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Private Law

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The Department of Private Law aims to be an active partner in the efforts to improve the quality of legal education and develop the student's ability to think analytically by developing his research capabilities and encouraging him to develop innovative solutions for contemporary issues. 

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To prepare outstanding legal cadre with a strong knowledge foundation converging theoretical and practical aspects of legislations. Also, the graduate will have legal skills that enables him/her to succeed in the legal profession and to serve the whole Emirati community.

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The College of Law has two computer labs and two educational court rooms (Moot Courts), which are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and video conferencing facilities.

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Moot Court Competition  

The Moot Court is an innovative method for teaching legal science. The object of the Moot Court is to enhance the students’ legal skills, such as drafting legal memoranda and presenting solid legal arguments with confidence. Each moot court contains a legal problem where the students are required to analyze the problem, identify the legal issues, and conduct a thorough research.

Consultancy Services

The College of Law (COL) maintains strong relationships with the UAE legal industry and provides legal services and consultancies to several public departments in the UAE government upon their request. Those services and consultations cover many areas related to the Ministries of Energy, Justice, Foreign Affairs, and Court Departments. The faculty members also participate in academic partnerships with several institutes within the UAE; providing legal and academic consultancies.

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Academic Program

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