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Welcome to SL Journal

The Journal of Sharia and Law is a scientific journal that is regularly published by the College of Law. The first issue of the Journal was published in May 1987 which corresponds to the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the College of Sharia and Law. The legal journal was published on an annual basis for the Issues No.1 through No.13. Then, it was published twice per year, Issues no.14 through No.21. The Issues, No.22 through No.24, were published every three months and more recently, the Issues No.25 up until now (Issue No. 56, January 2014) were published on a quarterly basis on the following months: January, April; July and October.

The Journal publishes qualitative scientific research where the publication and assessment rules are strictly enforced. The research papers are published in three languages ​​(Arabic, English and French).

The legal Journal is listed in the International Journals Index, Ulrich ‘Periodicals Directory, under the number 349199 as well as the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1608-1013. Moreover, the journal has been classified and coded in a number of international indices and it is published online on the legal journal.

The Journal includes a dedicated supplement focused on raising awareness of the principles and legal opinions issued by the Fatwa and Legislative Department of the Ministry of Justice as well as the most important rulings of the Federal Supreme Court.

Furthermore, the Journal has formed an advisory board consisting of some of the leading scientific, social and public figures to contribute with their knowledge and expertise.

In addition, the Journal has published important federal legislations such as: Civil law and its Explanatory Framework Memorandum, Human Resources Law, E-Commerce Transaction Law, Medical Practice Liability Law, Cybercrimes Law, Consumer Protection Law, and the Civil Transactions Law and its Explanatory Framework Memorandum. This is proof that the Journal has contributed significantly to community service, through publication of such laws, aiming thereby to raise legal awareness on a broader spectrum of the society. By the same token, this does not mean at all that the magazine has given up its leading role as a scientific journal specialized in research; rather the Journal has excelled and exceeded the latter role in order to fulfill the former.

Jul 26, 2017