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Research Capabilities

The College of Law has a unit dedicated to research which is chaired by the Assistant Dean for Research Affairs and Graduate Studies. The College's leading experts conduct research in almost all areas of law. Their research areas of interest meet society’s needs at large, and keep updated with legal and legislative developments at both national and international levels. The College offers continuous opportunities for its faculty to take part and produce valuable research papers in international conferences and workshops.

 The College of Law also holds an annual international conference along with three major symposiums covering several aspects of research which provides an opportunity for students and faculty members to keep updated with research approaches worldwide.

 Scientific research in the College of Law is divided into the following three categories:

  • Public Law
  • Private Law
  • Sharia and Islamic Studies

 Research areas within each category are listed below:

Public Law

  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal law – general part
  • Criminal law – specific part
  • Criminal procedures
  • Administration law and government contracts
  • Public international law
  • Public international criminal law

 Private Law

  • Civil law
  • Contracts
  • Commercial law
  • Companies law
  • Insurance
  • Maritime law
  • Arbitration and dispute resolution
  • Civil procedures

Sharia and Islamic Studies

  • Islamic jurisprudence and Fiqh
  • Family and personal status
  • Quran and Hadith sciences
  • Islamic principles and thought
Sep 23, 2014