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Research Overview

The College of Law (COL) considers scientific research as an integral and important component of the College. Research at the College of Law assists legislators, legal consular, government entities, judiciary departments in several fields of law and jurisprudence, making the College one of the top institutions in the region in terms of research and publishing books and articles.

The College of Law has appointed an Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in order to improve and encourage research within UAEU, the UAE community and the region. The research department is involved in organizing the annual law conference, workshops, lectures and symposiums to encourage faculty members to write, participate and publish articles. Moreover, the faculty members within the COL in collaboration with several government agencies, publish books and articles in local and international journals and present papers at international conferences.

The scope of the COL research is broad, encompassing all areas of contemporary laws and legislation such as cybercrimes and securities and other key disciplines. The College comprises 3 departments: Public Law, Private Law and Sharia and Islamic Studies Department. Faculty of each department are involved in specific research related to their field of expertise that meet the needs of the community.

Sep 23, 2014