Bachelor of Law

The Bachelor of Law program is designed to provide comprehensive legal education for students interested in the legal profession. Students study several law courses covering public and private law disciplines. As a result, the program provides them with accurate knowledge about the basic concepts and rules of law, with special focus on UAE laws, the accurate way to apply laws and regulations on facts, the interpretation of law provisions according to pre-defined interpretation rules, the comparison between legislative rules and the jurisprudence, as well as judicial trends. Furthermore, the program addresses legal writing skills to enable the students to write memorials and other legal documents efficiently and correctly. Students draw valuable lessons from the practical training offered through the educational courts based in male and female campus. The COL adopts educational court as an essential part of the educational process; which provides great opportunity for students to link theoretical and practical aspects of law study. The College of Law prides itself with its numerous partnerships with local and federal institutions, as well as international law firms, where the students are provided hands-on experience combining theoretical and practical aspects of education.

Program Objectives

  • Build and develop a solid scientific base of knowledge in all areas of public and private law among the students.
  • Create and enhance the professional practical aspect of the theoretical knowledge gained by students.
  • Enable students to conduct legal research in accordance with well-established scientific research methodologies.
  • Enable students to acquire professional skills and to efficiently use them in order to enhance their professional performance.
  • Develop the ethical aspects of students’ unique personality which are necessary for the exercise of the legal profession.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Explain the norms and basic principles of law in general, and the UAE law in particular.
  • Apply rules of law on actual facts in a correct manner.
  • Interpret legal texts in accordance with well-established principles of interpretation.
  • Conduct a scientific research in accordance with legal research methodologies.
  • Formulate memorandums and judicial decisions in a clear and correct language.
  • Address audience with confidence and fluency.
  • Work efficiently as a team member.
  • Use technology accurately and efficiently in undertaking various duties.
  • Independently learn from theoretical and practical contemporary legal developments.
  • Lead a team with effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Express his/her commitment to the rules of law.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 136 hours

General Education (Required Credits: 38)

Cluster 1: Values to Live By - Islam (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ISLM100Islamic Culture3.000

Cluster 1: Values to Live By - Ethics (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PRVT113Introduction to Law  13.000
1 : Also counts towards the Major

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - English Communication Skills (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ESPU1052English for Law I3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - Information Literacy (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
GEIL101Information Literacy3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - Thinking Skills (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HSS110Scientific Research Skills3.000
CSBP119Algorithms and Problem Solving3.000
PHI180Critical Thinking  23.000
PSY105Creative & Innovative Thinking Skills3.000
2 : IBLC - Inquiry based learning courses must be taken within first 30 credit hours

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Emirates Society (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HSS105Emirates Studies3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Humanities/Fine Arts (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
SHAR2073Personal Status (1)  33.000
3 : Also counts towards the Major

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Social and Behavioral Sciences (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
SHAR112Introduction to Islamic Law and its Sources   43.000
4 : Also counts towards the Major

Cluster 3: The Human Community - The Global Experience (2.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PUBL442International Organizations  52.000
5 : Also counts towards the Major

Cluster 4: The Natural World - Mathematics (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
MATH120Contemporary Applications of Math3.000
STAT101Statistics in the Modern World3.000

Cluster 4: The Natural World - Natural Sciences (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARAG205Introduction to Fish & Animal Science3.000
ARAG220Natural Resources3.000
BION100Biology and its Modern Application3.000
CHEM181Chemistry in the Modern World3.000
FDSC250Contemporary Food Science & Nutrition3.000
GEOL110Planet Earth3.000
PHED201Physical Fitness and Wellness3.000
PHYS101Conceptual Physics3.000

Cluster 5: Capstone Experience (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
LAW340Internal Training  63.000
6 : Also counts towards the Major


Law Major

Required Courses (92.00 hours)

Credit Hours
LW111Arabic For Specific Purposes3.000
LW202Writing and Legal Research2.000
LW240External Training6.000
PRVT227Principles of Commercial Law 3.000
PRVT333Selected Studies in Comparative Private Law3.000
PRVT338Company Law3.000
PRVT451Primary Rights in Rim2.000
SHAR452Shaira Studies for Islamic Banking Operations2.000
PRVT453Commercial Papers & Banking3.000
PRVT454Personal and Real Securities2.000
PRVT462Intellectual Property Laws2.000
PRVT2051Obligations (1) 2.000
SHAR205Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 13.000
PRVT2151Obligations (2)2.000
PRVT2152Obligations (3)2.000
PRVT302Civil Procedures3.000
PRVT3034Labour Law2.000
PRVT3073Obligations (4)2.000
SHAR3213Personal Stutes (2)3.000
PRVT3243Nominated Contracts (Sale&Lease)3.000
SHAR3262Personal Status (3) "Heritage"2.000
SHAR402Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) 23.000
PRVT4492The Law of Execution2.000
PRVT407Private International Law3.000
PRVT4725Maritime Law2.000
PUBL203The Criminal Law- Part(1)2.000
PUBL220The Criminal Law-Part (2)2.000
PUBL226Selected Studies in Comparative Public Law3.000
PUBL305Penal Law Specific (1) Individual and Financial Crimes3.000
PUBL114Constitutional Law3.000
PUBL206Administrative Law3.000
SHAR3283Hudood in Islam2.000
PUBL207Public International Law3.000
PUBL4092Criminal Procedures Law (1) 2.000
PUBL4093Criminal Procedures Law (2)2.000
SHAR4413Retribution and Blood Money2.000


Elective Courses (Req. CH:6)

1- Private Law (2.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PRVT339Commercial Arbitration Law2.000
PRVT450Contracts (2)2.000
PRVT2111Legal Aspects of e-commerce(E)2.000
SHAR4463Legecy and Mortmain (Waqf)2.000

2- Public Law (4.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PUBL303Legal Status of Foreign Residents2.000
PUBL306Penal Law - Private Specific (2) Emerging Crimes2.000
PUBL316Environmental Law2.000
PUBL401Human Rights2.000
PUBL404International Criminal Law2.000
PUBL405International Humanitarian Law2.000
PUBL3222Criminology and penology2.000
PUBL3294Public Employment2.000
SHAR3363International Relations in Islam2.000