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Moderation in Isalm

The Department of Islamic Studies at the United Arab Emirates College of Law organized and implemented a seminar on “Moderation in Islam: Ethics and Approach”.

The seminar was held at the main campus of the University on April 15, 2014 in the Information Technology Building (Male Campus). The event was an opportunity to present several research papers that consolidated the concept of moderation in the Quran, Sunnah, ethics, transactions and worships, and legislation.

The seminar focused on the following themes during its sessions:

First Session:             The Concept, Referencing, Features and Components

Second Session:         Milestones and Fields of Moderation

Third Session:            Moderation & its Contemporary Opponents

                                    (Fanaticism, extremism, violence and terrorism)

Closing session & reading of recommendations statement

It is noteworthy to highlight that faculty members from the Islamic Studies Department facilitated the sessions held at the United Arab Emirates University College of Law.

May 12, 2015