Legal Clinic Lectures

Consistent with the role of the UAEU and its goals in serving the community, and as part of the initiatives undertaken by the College of Law at the UAEU to enrich the legal culture and dissemination among members of society, the Legal Clinic at the College of Law organizes lectures series in the field of law targeting the members of the community. In this respect, the Legal Clinic organized several lectures targeting school students concerning issues that serves their interests.

lectureSocial Media Apps, April 2016

On 19 April 2016, Thamnah Al Mansouri, who is a student at the Clinic, delivered a legal Lecture titled: "Social Media Apps" in Al Jahily Secondary School for Girls - Al Ain, where she explained the rights and obligations of users of social Media Apps, and disclosed the risks of using these apps if the user fails to understand the legal rules and procedures governing their work. The lecture included the concept of social media, their impacts on the life of the individual, the role of the lawmaker in the UAE in regulating their work and treating the crimes resulting from using such apps. Finally, Thamnah provided advice and guidance on the best way to use these apps.

lectureFlirting, May 2016

On 30 May 2016, Abrar Al Hashimi, who is one of the Clinic Students, delivered a legal Lecture on "Flirting". The audience was the students of Umm Kalthoom Secondary School for Girls - Al Ain. The lecture aimed at raising awareness among students of this age of the risk of flirting and its negative effects on the youth and the community as a whole. The lecture included the definition of flirting and its danger as an ethical crime.

lectureSome Important Legal Issues, November 2016

On 24 November 2016, Abdulla Al Hammadi, who is one of the Clinic Students, delivered a lecture about "Some Important Legal Issues" in Al Maqamah Secondary School for Boys - Abu Dhabi. The lecture reviewed some legal issues that related to youth, such as the National Serving Act, the risks of social media programs, crimes and punishments under the Cyber Crimes Act and the Traffic Act.

Mar 13, 2017