Goals, Activities and Principles

The Legal Clinic’s Goals
The Legal Clinic aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide the students with actual legal problems that they might face in their postgraduate career.
  2. Train the students on how to communicate appropriately and directly with clients.
  3. Develop students' legal skills, such as listening to legal problems, identifying the nature of the dispute and the pertinent applicable rules of law to these disputes. Thus, allow the students to choose the best legal method to solve the problem whether amicably or judicially.
  4. Train the students to draft memoranda, memos, pleadings, contracts and amicable dispute agreements.
  5. Provide complimentary and free of charge legal consultations for UAEU community members, staffs, students, and for the residents and expats who are not able to afford such services.  
  6. Collaborate with other legal entities via exchanging legal opinions regarding cases and issues that concerns the community.
  7. Introduce the departments in the College of Law to real legal problems in order to improve their legal knowledge.
  8. Help to observe any weakness in the curriculum by discovering important legal issues not covered by the taught courses in the college, therefore, take the appropriate action to overcome such weakness.
  9. Introduce the latest judicial trends to faculty members and the approach taken by the federal and local entities, and business organizations regarding different legal issues. To this end, the college aims to communicate with these entities in a way that benefit all parties.

Legal Clinic's Activities
The Legal Clinic performs the following activities:

  1. Students provide legal consultations to the client and submit their work for revision by a specialist faculty member.
  2. Students prepare and draft memoranda, pleadings, and motions of claims and defenses under the supervision of specialist faculty members.  
  3. Students prepare and draft contracts and amicable agreements under the supervision of specialist faculty members.
  4. The Legal Clinic does not provide Shariah advices (Fatwa) regarding issues related to thought of believe and rituals. However, the Shariah advice may only be offered to issues related to transactions and family relations.

The Legal Clinic’s Principles

  1. Liaising with state entities in maintaining the rules of the law.
  2. Providing legal services to uphold justice in the community.
  3. Defending aggrieved ones specifically those in need.
  4. Impartiality and transparency.
Mar 6, 2017