How can I apply to the Clinic?

It is possible to apply by simply calling, emailing or personally visiting the legal clinic office. Here.

How much is the cost of a consultation?

The service of the Clinic is absolutely free of charge. There is no fees levied regardless of the subject of the case.

Will the clinic staff appear before a court on behalf of clients?

No, the service of the Clinic is limited to assist the clients through consultations and writing memoranda.

Is the provided services guaranteed?

No, although the services are supervised by eminent expertise, yet the court might have a different opinion. Therefore, the clinic denies any legally-responsibility incurred from its services.

What documents should I provide when applying to the clinic?

It is recommend to bring all relevant documents and evidences that might help the case.

How long does it take to provide the service?

It cannot be predicted, but mostly within two months depending on the nature of the case.

Why shall I sign disclaim against the clinic regarding any legal responsibility?

As a prerequisite to receive the services at no cost, the client is required to agree to sign a no responsibility waive and release at the Clinic for any legal claims.

Does the clinic accept complex cases?

Yes, the clinic accept all types of cases whatever the nature of complexity of the case, as long as they are within the jurisdiction of the clinic and fulfills the requirement.

Does the clinic accept non-national applications?

Yes, it accepts all cases regardless of the nationality of the applicant.

Is the information submitted confidential?

Yes, the clinic keeps all information confidential.
Mar 13, 2017