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Department of Public Law

The Department of Public Law includes: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law and International Law. These disciplines organize the various relationships in which the State is party to as public authority, and aim at achieving the public interest. The Department aims to qualify students of the College in the stated subjects, to conduct original research and to provide service to community.

The objectives of the Department of Public Law are:

1. To develop specialized knowledge in the branches of Public Law and expose students to different legal schools.

2. To offer distinguished graduate programs at the level of master’s and doctoral degrees in Public Law.

3. To provide an integrated academic environment supporting teaching, learning activities and scientific research.

4. To meet the needs of the community of legal cadres qualified and specialized in Public Law.

5. To provide the means for continuing legal education for members of the community through legal advice and training programs in the branches of Public Law.

6. To organize conferences, symposia and seminars in the fields of Public Law in order to support the educational process and scientific research.

7. To develop the student's knowledge and skills and enhance their professional ethics.

Dec 11, 2014