Sharia & Islamic Studies Department

The Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies offers students a range of courses namely Islamic faith, the holy Quran and its interpretation both analytical and substantive, recitation of the Quran, the study of Hadith and its interpretation both analytical and substantive, the jurisprudence (Fiqh) of the prophet’s (pbuh) biography, provisions of Hadith, and the jurisprudence of acts of worship (Fiqh Al Ibadat). 

Among the courses taught by the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies is Islamic Thought. It is a prerequisite course that benefits all UAEU students regardless of their college affiliation or major. The course aims to build an analytical approach to allow the students to distinguish between what constitutes one of the foundations of Islam on one hand, and the rules derived from the revelation and what constitutes the response of the Muslim mind to the challenges of time and place. Moreover, the Department teaches basic courses in the programs offered by the Department of Public Law and the Department of Private Law.

In remaining consistent with the remarkable efforts made by the university to achieve comprehensive development, the Department seeks to develop programs, study plans, and teaching methods, by drawing from the University’s resources, techniques, and modern teaching tools. Furthermore, the Department seeks to engage students in order for them to take advantage of the processes of teaching and learning and to achieve a high degree of scientific maturity, to develop their abilities of self-learning, and resort to proper scientific methodology.

The Department works assiduously to improve the performance of the faculty members by providing training courses, continuing education programs to develop their teaching skills, and by developing their methods of instruction.

Dec 11, 2014