Community Service

Giving Back to the Community

The College of Law (COL) provides many legal consultations and services to both institutions and individuals all over the UAE. These service are provided by specialized law professors who have remarkable experience in all legal fields.

Legal consultations and services offered by the COL include:

  1. Contributing to drafting, reviewing, editing and evaluating laws, regulations and bylaws at both federal and domestic levels.
  2. Providing legal consultations on all legal issues.
  3. Reviewing the contracts of public and private departments and corporates to ensure their compliance with laws and regulations, their effectiveness and usefulness for stakeholders.
  4. Providing assistance to public and private departments on their legal conflicts and suggesting the best legal solutions to them which include negotiations, alternative dispute resolution means, and litigation procedures.
  5. Reviewing legal translations of laws, agreements and contracts.
  6. Preparing all kinds of lawsuits, defenses, requests and orders for the UAEU.
  7. Preparing defense memorandums in civil, criminal and administrative cases for the UAEU.
  8. Formulating, checking, editing, revising and translating civil and commercial contracts and conciliation documents.
  9. Contributing to reviewing and revising the UAEU policies and bylaws.
  10. Offering legal consultations for all units and departments within the UAEU. 

Legal Clinic

The College of Law has established and launched its legal clinic, which is currently providing consultancy and legal services to the community of the UAE with regard to legal issues and real cases. These services are provided by the College of Law’s faculty members and students.

Jul 26, 2017