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Dean's Welcome

The College of Law works diligently to enhance its programs and extra-curricular activities to ensure students receive the highest standards of quality education. Our innovative curricula are designed to meet the needs of today’s marketplace and to prepare students to pursue promising graduate studies.

Also, the college has assigned a great deal of importance to developing the professional skills aspect of our graduates by expanding access to practical applications. For instance, legal internships at international law firms constitute a unique experience to hone the skills of law students. To this end, the College of Law has signed several memoranda of understanding with American, British, and Canadian law firms.

In addition to the Bachelor degree in Law, the college introduced three Masters programs and is currently working on other specialized degrees with a focus towards a doctoral program.

Our distinguished faculty is composed of active scholars who are renowned nationally and internationally for their academic excellence and contribution of knowledge to advancing society and solving problems in areas of critical importance. But just as important, they are also enthusiastic teachers who are student-centered and, as mentors, enjoy providing friendly, personal guidance to our students.

Moreover, the College of Law regularly participates in international competitions such as the Philip Jessup International Law Moot Court in Washington, DC, the Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court in Oxford, UK, and the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court in Vienna, Austria. The law students compete against other law schools at an international level.

In addition, the College contributes to the community service by holding an annual international conference and several seminars and workshops where prominent speakers and leading experts participate and share their expertise.

That being said, The College of Law promises to continue to make every effort to be at the vanguard of law schools in service to its students and the community, and to become the leading professional College in the region with influential academic and research programs.

Dr. Mohammed Hassan Ali Mohammed,


Jun 12, 2014