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In 2006, the College of Law started an accreditation process of international recognition. An international advisory board was created to advise the College on the actions to be taken to demonstrate that the College satisfied ABA standards for academic excellence. The board visited the College and prepared three reports containing its evaluation and recommendations with regards to the Accreditation status of the College.

As part of the ABA accreditation process, the College of Law has engaged in a self-study during the last three years. An accreditation committee composed of Dean, Vice Dean, Head of Departments, some faculty and the accreditation advisor meet weekly to investigate all aspects of the advisory board reports and all aspects concerning the College of Law functions.

The College of Law, based on the advisory board reports, has taken many steps towards elaborating on the legal education process within the College and aims to achieve international accreditation in the near future. Currently all programs offered at the College of Law are recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

May 15, 2014