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The College of Law (COL) consists of three departments; the Department of Private Law, the Department of Public Law, and the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies. The College currently offers a Bachelor in Law at an undergraduate level and three Master programs: LLM in Public Law; LLM in Private Law and LLM in International Trade Law.

It also offers a distinguished study plan that responds to the needs of the UAE community and aims at developing its human resources. The language of instruction is Arabic with a number of courses being taught in English.

All programs offered at the College of Law are recognized by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, however the College is working towards achieving international accreditation also.

The College of Law has two computer labs and two educational court rooms (Moot Courts), which are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and video conferencing facilities. The COL is a world-class, student-centered institution that develops, delivers and continually improves its programs to maintain international standards. Our Law graduates are employed in key leadership positions in government and industry institutions serving the needs of the nation.

The College also provides many legal consultancies and services to both corporate and individuals all over the UAE. The service is provided through specialized law professors who have remarkable experience in all legal fields. The COL is currently in the process of establishing a Legal Clinic that will be dedicated to offering free legal consultancy services for the UAE community regarding actual cases and legal issues.

Jun 9, 2014